E and P Italy Excursion 2016 travel blog


Along the highway ... high on the hills

View back to Naples

Our Balcony over looking the Amalfi Coast

View to the left

View to the right

Boat passing by

Elton ready for dinner

Gelato and two big spoons for dessert

Got up and had breakfast and got on the highway. We stopped along the highway and had lunch out of the trunk of the car. Back on the road. The GPS took us down some of the craziest hairpin turns till we finished at the top of a hill which

appeared to be the end of the road. So we parked and I took a walk down the highway. I found a wifi at Gerry's Pub. I went in and Gerry was very helpful and called our host for me and arranged for her to meet me at the pub. I told Gerry that my husband was up the road with the car. He offered me his scouter to go get Elton. I declined so he says "ok I'll go get him" and the next thing I see is Elton coming down the hill on the back of the scouter. We had a coke on the terrace over looking the Amalfi Coast waiting for Catania. She arrived and drove us back up to our accommodations. We settled in and then went for a walk down the hill. We bought some pasta and gelato for supper. Went back up the hill and made dinner and sat on the balcony watching the boats going up and down the coast, the kids playing and the dogs bark all over the hill side. It looked like a little dog went all over the place driving all the others crazy funny as heck.

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