E and P Italy Excursion 2016 travel blog

Today we got up and packed up and hit the road. We headed out of Rome and traveled south. We stopped on the side of the highway for lunch and made a snack in the trunk of the car. Back on the road to the Amalfi Coast .. as we travelled down the hair pin turns I tried to stick the camera out the window to get some photos not that easy as Elton would turn sharply the other way. The GPS took us to the address that suggested our next accommodations was on the side of the cliff at the end roadway. So we parked and I walked down the highway (edge of the cliff) crazy road and found a wifi at Gerry's Pub. I entered into Gerry's for better resection. Gerry was great he asked for the phone number and called to make arrangements for our host to come and fetch us. I told him that my husband was up the hill with the car. So he offered me his scouter to go get him I declined and he said "ok I'll go get him" next thing I see is Elton on the back of he Scouter shooting down the hill towards Gerry's Pub. We had a coke at Gerry's over looking the Amalfi Coast and waited for our host. She picked us up and took us to the complex right behind our car. We checked in, went for a walk, picked up some pasta and gelato for supper. We went back and made supper and sat on the balcony dinner to the sounds of kids and dogs as we watched the boat and yachts on the Amalfi Coast going back and forth.

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