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We read the "headstones" of cowboys and outlaws who were killed in...

Papa and Pinky did a stint in Wyat Earp's jailhouse

Piano player in he Long Branch Saloon

Font Street

Our route toward home took us too close to Dodge City, Kansas not to make a stop! This iconic western town of TV show GUNSMOKE fame is an actual town and County Seat. In its beginnings it was known as a wild, lawless frontier town of the Old West. Cowboys drove thousands of longhorn cattle over 1000 miles from Texas to the railhead in Dodge City. Dodge City had more famous (and infamous) gunfighters working at one time or another than any other town in the West. It also boasted the usual array of saloons, gambling halls, and brothels, including the famous Long Branch Saloon and China Doll brothel. As more agricultural settlers moved west there was pressure to clean up the wild town and lawmen such as Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp were brought in to enforce law and turn the lawless town into a safe place for pioneer families. We visited the Boot Hill Museum and Cemetery, which boasts a replica of the original Front Street. We even had a beer at the Long Branch Saloon. Definitely worth the stop!

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