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The Bay Bridge

Je)y Belly Factory

We left Pacifica this morning for Reno, Nevada. We took the Bay Bridge over to Oakland and towards Sacramento. We were surprised that the traffic wasn't totally crazy on the Bay Bridge. It did pick up over by Sacramento though. We stopped in Fairfield, we toured the Jelly Belly Factory. It was interesting to see all the Jelly Belly's and how they make them, package them and prepare them for shipping. It smelled pretty awesome in there too. In the gift shop you could sample 3 different kinds. If you wanted to stand in line, you could keep doing it. They gave us a small bag of Jelly Belly Sours at the end of the tour. And yes, we bought some. They had all sorts of different sized bags, bins where you could just buy one flavor (or more), and of course Jelly Belly Merchandise. Then we headed out through Sacramento to Lake Tahoe. We drove a little of the shoreline, but there are lots of trees and buildings blocking the view. It was a very pretty shade of blue and is a beautiful lake. We took Route 89 to Lake Tahoe and that is called the 10th Mountain Division National Highway. The 10th Mountain Division is where Mike will be when he gets to Fort Drum in Watertown, NY. Just as we got into Reno there was a car accident that slowed traffic a little. Otherwise, we made really good time today. It was still a bit windy in places. We went by a sign pointing to Susanville (for Susan LaMare).... Our campground is about 19 miles north of Reno which is further away than we thought, so we will probably only stay one night instead of two. We did get more than our money's worth though. It is the Bordertown Casino RV Resort. When we checked in they gave us each a $5 slot voucher for the casino. When you sign up for the Player's Club, you get $5 too so we each had $10 in free play. They also gave us a coupon for a free draft beer, wine, or soda. We went in to play and Jim won $55.25 and I won $16 something. Our campsite was just under $38. We talked to another couple from California who were driving a Road Trek, which is one of the class B models we looked at before buying our Pleasureway. WE showed them our RV and we got to see their's. Their's is nice, but I still like ours the best.

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