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Entering Oak Creek Canyon

Red Butte

Midgley Bridge

Oak Creek Vista

The Road Below

Smoke from Forest Fire

We spent the afternoon driving the length of Oak Creek Canyon, which runs from Sedona north to Munds Park and Flagstaff. It's a beautiful wooded drive that follows Oak Creek most of the way up to Flagstaff, with an elevation change of about 3000 feet up onto the Colorado Plateau. The drive out of Sedona starts with red buttes on both sides of the highway and lush Cottonwood and Sycamore trees lining the banks of the creek. Several miles out of town one crosses Midgley Bridge, which straddles Wilson Creek. As one approaches Munds Park, the road becomes very curvy and starts to climb sharply. The trees changes to conifers, mostly Ponderosa Pines. At the top is Oak Creek Vista, which is one of Sedona's seven vortex sites, and which offers a dramatic view back down the valley. A lightning-based forest fire was burning near the summit, with lots of smoke heading towards Flagstaff. As of several days ago, over 2000 acres had been burned.

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