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Such a selection of sheeses

No cooler and look at the age of this beef

Grenoble from up the hill

Ah the local markets. Not sure how local (mangoes from Peru) but the locals were out. A friendly bunch though their dialect seemed very strong. We have a great kitchen so are cooking dinner for the next 3 nights. Fruit and vegetables, along with a bit of meat. It may be horse, depending on the translation. Some of the markets have been in the same square for 100's of years. Such provenience. Off to a picnic lunch with the locals in a city garden in the sunshine. Then on a cable car up to a fort at the top of the hill for you guessed it - spectacular views. A while back our son George went to Chamonix near Mt Blanc. We can see Mt Blanc from here.

Then to the Resistance museum. It was a very personal record of the involvement of the people around here and their attempt to regain France. Lots of historical documents and gear. The personal insights made us ask 'what would we have done'. Not a thought to dwell on. Grenoble was a big center for the Resistance and so there are lots of records here. An horrific period in the life of France. We ambled home thru lovely parks with families enjoying the afternoon and evening together. So removed from the past. Now for dinner, haven't cooked for a while but I think I remember.

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