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Morning tea

What a bridge

Getting ready to leave Chris broke a glass while washing up. She explained to the owners it was broken in her best French. This translated as "the glass no longer works". More narrow winding roads, this time some deserted so it was comfortable driving. Ah the scenery. Majestic. Thrilling even. Again steep mountains, snow topped, changing vegetation, even cattle and the usual crops. So green and lush. Morning tea was delicious and such embience. We followed a river (Var?) for a lot of the trip and beside it was a railway line. So many tunnels. It would make a wonderful train ride. We stopped for lots of pictures, it appears sometimes people had stopped for other reasons - pew. I like to think I was aware and saw it too, but Chris at one point yelled "doh a deer". We later analysed this as a contraction of deer/Stephen/stop. Not the beginning of her favorite song. Which reminds me every time we got the funicular in Barcelona off she would go. Well often enough for me in a Pavlovian sort of way to get the song straight away into my head. After a couple of hours on this wonderful road we realized we had been here before, but in the other direction. Slow? Yes. Something of life's lesson there about perspective I am sure. Arrived in Grenoble about 4 hours after we anticipated. It appears this place is like Canberra so we have booked about 3 nights too many. Oh well.

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