Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

My kind of truck

Mote Carlo - I think means up a hill

The city has become a huge garage

The city road were being wrapped in theses - a pedestrian nightmare

No I am not going to drive to Monte Carlo. We will catch the train. Phew. What a place. The race is on in a couple of days and the preparations are incredible. Whole streets boarded up with wire and railing. Huge signs everywhere. And the race company's trucks are a work of art. The red of Ferrari is a favorite. The city is on a very steep hillside with winding streets connecting huge apartment blocks. They sure know how to spend money here. We thought we would walk from the FOUR storey railway station to an 'exotic garden' look at it for a few minutes and hit the casino. The garden was all cacti. Some more than 100 years old. Talk about planning. We happen to strike a time when lots were in bloom so we took lots of photos. Many bees too. More surprises at the limestone cave (huge), and then on to the castle. Lunch involved a fight with a huge seagull and then we got blasted in the Prince's church during an organ recital. All in a days touristing. Home to more gifts from our landlady.

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