Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

It apparently good to be seen in a weird car

Life advice too

In the race

Policeman polishing his bike for the event

And in all of this no one asked us for our autograph...

Getting ready at the last minute as I guess these shoes should...

This was one of the more surreal days of our holiday. We caught the bus from our place in Villeneuve-Loubet to Cannes. This took an hour and we saw a bit of suburban France on the way. We had hoped to see the wonderful coast but not on our bus. When we got there: heaps of people. Heaps of luxury. We walked along the board walk and saw many different people groups/nationalities and down right different. We stayed to watch the cattle judging at the film festival for which this place is famous. Yes we just happened to be here during the festival. I say cattle judging as just like at the Royal Easter Show they had them lined up and photographing the talent as they walked along what looked like a sheep race. Ah the things we think are important. So much money was thrown at this one event and we only saw a tiny bit of it. Not sure we will come again next year. Each to his own though, they seemed to love it. Chris commented on seeing one pair of shoes that they were worth more than our car. (Yes how did she know?)

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