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New friends

Went for a walk around the local countryside this morning.

In the afternoon we went down to the Village centre for the "Limousine Ostensions". This dates back to 994 when the region had been brought to its knees due to a massive epidemic. The dead were counted in their thousands. Devine protection was sought and the bishop and local abbot organised a a large assembly around the relics of the Limousine saints. After three days of prayers and abstinence from certain foods, the exhumed body of a saint was paraded through the streets, and then after he was reburied the epidemic ceased. It transpired that the plague like illness was due to a parasitic fungi that had invaded the rye from which they made their bread.

While we were waiting to see what happened we met the local mayor. The the men and women in uniform marched into the square, presented themselves before the mayor, and fired a shot into the air. Then they marched off again. Apparently this only happens every seven years.

Later we went to visit Lutz and Giselle who had invited us for aperitifs when we met them a couple of days ago. They have restored a very run down house to a beautiful home. They also own a very friendly Australian Keplie - what a surprise.

They brought out a variety of their homemade liquor, which of course we had to sample.

We also had a look at their "gingerbread" house. This was an extra property they had bought just across the lane. A small house with just a single bedroom upstairs. If the kitchen wasn't so small, I think Vicki would have been very keen. A fun afternoon.

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