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May 1, 2016

I cannot imagine Trump MAY get the republican ticket.

This piss ant knows nothing of the world as a whole.

I ran out of water last night. I should have brought my small MSR water purifier. I never bring this thing. I should brought it. I always bring it bike camping. It kills everything but does not filter out the gunk. A lesser person would be concerned. It’s small enough to fit in any pack.

I was sick yesterday. It’s the heat. I just saw a guy walk by wearing a jacket.. It’s only 11:30 but it must be in the mid 30’s

Plus I am shitting water. I must stay hydrated.

The chemo should be in tomorrow. I forgot to order Zofer/Emeset for nasua I have been using the last of the first round. He may have it in stock. I have been putting off going to Apollo. It’s too far and too hot. I wish Cara was here.

The pharmacy walla just called. The poison is in. I also have to pick up my transcribed journal. I will post some shit. I made a promise to myself everything I wrote, I would post.

I have some extra ordinary expenses here and in Canada. NO FUCKING MORE MOTORBIKES!!! I have to call Jeff for a draw. I didn’t want to send the email until payroll went through. I am sure there is an extra 6 but it bothers me if is taken from our line. It’s my duty to manage my day to day shit.

I was reading The Times of India the other day. There was a pull out section that rated the best hospitals in India. Apollo is the best.

I will start hearing from my brothers in India soon. I have been MIA for a few days now. Once I have started chemo I don’t want talk to anyone.

I just met the son of the owner of Spicy Bar and another restaurant. I didn’t fetch his name. He was wearing a KPMG t-shirt. I had to speak with him. He is a CMA working for KMPMG in Delhi. He just graduated. I was surprised how broken his English was. He just finished his schooling at the University of Calgary. I suspect the last two years.

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