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The choir singing poems and university tunes

and apparently some traditional songs. If only we understood swedish

In case things get out of hand

Everyone's out

The fire begins!

The fire is in there .. somewhere




The crowd let our a cheer in joy

Malmö in the evening


Waffles on offer for breakfast - but only on weekends

The State runs alcohol shops in Sweden

Shoes on the bridge (of famous people we guess)



There's lots of taking the dog for a walk around here

The swedish version of MacDonalds is Max - and tastes way better

May Day procession celebration1

May Day procession celebration1

May Day procession celebration1






Procession #2

or maybe the first procession did a loop and on their way...

all seemingly quiet

Until someone lets off a flare - who does that?



ah! memories of Eurovision 2013. Montenegro sticker. They stayed at the same...

In continuing with the error I made, I'll correct it all in here.

On the 30th April, it is known as Valborg Day in Sweden, or Walpurgis night. There are various histories of this night in various countries (if you're interested you can look up Walpurgis on Wikipedia to find out more information). Essentially in Sweden, Valborg is about the bringing of spring. Let's hope it does this year, as the weather in Malmö is very Melbourne with all seasons in one day, and evenings still being cool.

This year, they are holding their Valborg celebrations out in Folketspark normally this would be held in the town of Lund. Some people here may remember this park as being the home for the Euro Fan Cafe when Malmö hosted Eurovision in 2013. Err, yes, I'm sure you all do. Apparently the swedes love a good bit of choral singing and they don't disappoint at the park this year. A lovely group which um... obviously has been um... training a lot ... are putting their all into it, sometimes at the same time, with most kids obvlious to the ceremonies. Then finally, what everyone has come out to see - the bonfire. Great cheering to the start of the fire, but alas, the branches have not been let dry as much as they perhaps might have been as the fire isn't going anywhere fast. The people want a result though, and the poor man who is overseeing the bonfire decides to add a bit of something to give it a bit of a push, which makes the fire really get going, eventually, much to the excitement of the crowd. Oh thank goodness, we can all go home now, and people do start going home. It's cold, and it's drizzling with some rain, so it's the right time to get out of here.

Well, the next day it appears that the bonfire has worked its magic with Valborg as the day is clear, sunny, and warm. Spring is magically here on the 1st May!! Wow. Today though, we're keeping it very casual and we head off to the coffee lounge to chill and watch everyone enjoy the day. There are at least 3 processions to celebrate May Day - and we can see something about work and some politics in there too. Anyway, we managed to get some photos of some people enjoying their first day of spring. We're getting exciting as tomorrow we're off to Stockholm - and Eurovision!! And definitely warmer weather.

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