Scandic and Eurovision 2016 adventures travel blog

Where are we going?

Over the Bridge to Kopnhamn


An old haunt from a previous trip.. good to know it's still...


































so many bikes











I think this used to be where sailors would stay when in...





Site of Eurovision 2014

A celebrity X ship has berthed in Copenhagen, probably just for the...




Hard to believe they transformed this for Eurovision (clearly not from the...

oh, those ugly wind machines... bringing much green energy to Copenhagen.


Ok last photo of the Eurovision site




















And this concludes the hop on/hop off bus portion of our day...

Our visit to Tivoli in Copenhagen



What an amusement park without the special mirrors


and what's an amusement park with out some giraffe heads? umm?


time out from the busy day


We weren't expecting that.. A bit unfriendly, but to be fair he...


I want one of these!

and I'd paint it with eyes and put ears on it too!



Beautiful bird, the norwegian blue in't.. beautiful plumage.

You lookin' at me?

You want a show then? Who's purty then?


There's even a stage in here!













They even have chooks here




These ducks know where they're going

and up the stairs we go

Pirate ship cafe for kids











They're attuned to the vibe of the bridge








The ducks are queuing for the ride


rollercoaster anyone?

The kiddie version to get them used to it before you get...

Little kids are covered here



Always an opportunity to spend money

ooh candy

















All that Daim
























Unfortunately, the photos contained in this page are on the wrong date. These took place on the 29th April. I didn't realise I was loading on the wrong date until I was partially through loading, then I thought I would keep going as it would have taken a bit of time to fix it, and well, it really doesn't matter that much.

There's really only one activity to talk about today, and that's Valborg Day which we attended an evening event at Folketspark. I'll post those onto the 1st May.

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