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Over the bridge we go!

The train and the bridge.. arty eh?

ah memories.. near the railway station at Copenhagen, back in 2011 pizza...

Where are we going?

We thought a hop on hop off bus might a good way...





Christiana, Copenhagen




around Christiana


























Unforunately, I have loaded there rest of the photos onto the 30th April in error.

Today we decided that we would go to Copenhagen for the day. What I love about being in Northern Europe is that you can just decide in the morning to go to another country and you can be there before lunch. Being in Malmö is a great example as it's only around 25 minutes by train to get to Copenhagen.

We've already been to Copenhagen of course so we thought that maybe this time we would just a quick run around of the city to refresh ourselves of the important sites in the city. Of course doing it by foot would make for a very long day, and probably that you'd not see them all. The decision to jump on a hop on/hop off bus was a great idea. There's three bus lines available but we only used two before the third one has ceased operating for the day. No problems as the main attraction for our popping over was to see Tivoli.

We've not been to Tivoli before. To us it always looked like a dated small area, and never understood why it was a main attraction. Once inside though, wow. It's very deceptive. Looks small on the outside but big on the inside. Being a Friday night it slowly starts filling up with loads of young people coming in as evening progresses. Once the sun goes down the lights starts to come on and it transforms into a very fun looking place. It must be very magical at Christmas.

A late evening, and we go to catch the train at Copenhagen central station, only to find that it's been replaced by a bus to Copenhagen airport where the train starts. Getting to the platform involves showing passports as Sweden has re-introduced temporary passport controls as a result of the immigration crisis. It slows things down, but not that much. On the train and over "the Bridge", or in Swedish, "Bron", we stop at the first train stop in Sweden, Hyllie, and we have another passport control. Again, very simple. Show the passport to the passport control officer as they move down the train carriage. It does take about 10-15 minutes for the train to get going again, but again, not really that long in the scheme of things and we're back in Malmö.

A lovely day.

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