Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

Not another hilltop village?

Must find out what this sign means

Acres of ruins, made more interesting as we heard the audio guide...

Our waiter singing Lime Juice Tub (hear we are in New South...

You guessed it - Romain ruins all over the place, along with Medieval remains. We fluked a market day (again) so the place was incredibly crowded. Parking the car we took the usual precautions of taking a picture of where we parked it, wrote down street names and this time no map as we are feeling like locals - not really I don't think we could lose it. So much fresh quality looking cheese, fruit, vegetables olive oil, nuts, dried fruit, seafood and then so much junk. I am sure $2 shops empty their shelves in the hope of selling something. Such a contrast. The Medieval village and castle remains had a certain charm as some how it had not been developed in the last 500 years. Same narrow streets and exterior of the buildings. Lunch was a treat with not only fabulous food but a musician too. He had an Australian repertoire - long story. We spent hours wandering the largest outside Roman ruins museum in France. We followed the audio guide and got a lot out of it. Too much of course but it was fun learning the history at the time. So ingenious those Romans.

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