Madagascar Caving Tour 2005 travel blog

Our first cave! A lovely drop & a rescued chameleon

A lepilemur--can you see him?

How about now? Irresistably cute!

The Bat Cave. Full of fruit bats with glowing eyes

Part of our pirogue-carrying expedition. Hard work!

One of the "lost valleys" accessible via cave passage

These caves were BIG! And beautiful, too.

I think it is the 14th. We just flew back into Tana and we are heading back out to do two river trips. Communication here is word of mouth and some of our biggest obstacles have been hiring guides and trading chickens and zebu for services. We made it into two pocket wildernesses as well as two crocodile caves. We have had an amazing guide who speaks English, french and malagasy. We flew to Diego with the President of the country and attended a multi village feast and had a private meeting with their King. The wildlife has been amazing. We spent an entire night wandering around the Antakarana forest region checking out the nocturnal lemurs. The past two days have been spent with a crew of 14 Malagasy villagers hauling two carved wooden canoes to a river cave that has never been floated. The river was awesome but not half as awesome as watching these peole haul a 250 pound boat up the side of a mountain full of razor sharp rock...some were barefoot. They passed around an energy drink that we later came to realize was rum. Our guide said, "is to make the trip more fun".

I have to head off now, our travel arrangements are tight today, we have a nine hour drive to the river. Nothing happens fast here and this stinking keyboard has all the keys in the wrong places. Love you all. Girls, check on Alex for me.

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