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HeyHo! Don's turn to spin a yarn or two.....

Had a really good dinner last night, we are more or less getting used to the European dinner hour as now we usually do not dine 'til 7:30 or 8:00. Last night we finished at 9:30, however part of it was delayed because just prior to dinner Donna and I tried making a phone call to Kelowna to enquire about purchasing the bikes we used at Myra Canyon last summer. It turns out that we are both in the market for a new bike and we really liked the ones at the Myra Canyon rental. The rental agency only keeps their bikes for one season then sells them off....

What the *&%#@ has that got to do with Lyon France you might well ask??? Dialling people....dialling, unless you know the secret you just can't get there from here. We must have tried phoning Kelowna 6 times only to be met with "beep, boop, bop, you know, the telephone company's way of telling you that you can't get there from here.

UNLESS! You press and HOLD the "0" key until the "+" sign appears at the top of the keyboard screen. That little nugget of info was finally revealed to us when I relented and asked my service provider's help line WHAT GIVES?

EES SEEMPLE! (to quote a friend) was the response, and chagrined as a former 30 year telephone employee, I was finally able to help Donna successfully "get there from here"........(our bikes are now on hold for us)

Now some of you might anticipate that Don (and it turns out....Donna) felt that a wee bracer was in order so we all repaired to the bar for said bracer(s) where Eddy the entertainer (straight from Las Vegas.....HA!) almost put us to sleep with his Acker Bilk fusion. We waylaid "Nikolas" the hotel manager who to persuaded Eddy to belt out a resounding version of Blue Suede Shoes. At that we decided to retreat to the rooftop deck with our own tunes via iPhone and Bluetooth speaker. HOOHA! It turns out that there was bar service up there.......Sooooo, this morning's bike ride to the Lyon version of Central Park was just a bit of a headache, at least to begin with.

More later......(including pictures)

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