Dave takes out the screws to expose the air conditioner inside

using air from the air compressor he blows out pine needles and...

other junk that accumulates in the casing.

Then he moves to the other vents on the roof.

all of them get blownout with air and cleaned with 409 ...

but it also gives him a chance to inspect for broken parts...

Having waited for a good rain and dressed in swim suit, fast...

he washes, scrubs and lets the rain rinse it all off.

nice and clean

Each spring and fall, Oct and April Dave takes a couple days to do maintainence work on the roof, body, water system, basement and under carriage of the coach.

The pictures shown here illustrate how Dave services the roof equipment. He takes off all the covers, washes scrubs, and using the compressed air blows out all the junk that has fallen into and around the air conditioners and such. Its also a time he takes to inspect the roof seals, hinges plastic covers for cracks and such.

Dave also had a good rain come through so he dressed in his swim suit and fast dry fishing shirt with Keen sandals, got out there to wash the coach and let the rain rinse it all off.

Some of the other things Dave does are:

1 Lubes the bearings and shackles of the under-carriage

2. Checks all the moving parts of the awnings and slidecovers

3. Inspect all the roof seams for dry and cracking sealant.

4. Inspect all the seals around the body of the coach. Then fix any failures

5. All the time looking for popped pop-rivets and replace as needed.

6. Oct, new water hoses and a years worth (6) of water filters. Filters are 5 micron,carbon block changed out every two months on the even number months.

7. Inspect the slideout seals then fix or replace.

8. Disconnect the water inlet tubing from the water pump, clean the filter, put back.

9. Monthly silicone spray any and all joints and seals

10. Oct, rotate the trailer wheels, includes the spare, inspect as you go. Replace tires every 7 years. It's almost time to replace our trailer tires.

11. Monthly, clean and service the main 50 amp power cord, using a finger nail sanding pad, shine up the male and female tangs.

12. Every 3 months check the coach batteries for water level, corrosion, connections.

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