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Two nights and one day in Bavagna. We decided to visit some of the hill towns nearby. We went to Montefalco, Spoleto and Spello. It was Sunday, so we knew many things would be closed.

In Montefalco, another little walled city, we walked all the streets, there were one or two shops open, however, we loved the place, it was beautiful.

We then drove to Spoleto, a very big place, with Roman Colosseums (there are two) A beautiful big church, It was Sunday so church. We had lunch at a place again recommended by our friends. The appetizer and pasta were amazing. We each and something different and then shared grilled lamb. It was a bit tough, and overcooked. But the wine and the rest was fantastic.

We left the restaurant and it began to rain, we parked in a parking garage, and had to go up two escalators and an elevator to get to the city, then through some tunnels through buildings. We just kept going up and found the square, and the gps took us right to the restaurant. We again forgot to mark the trail, and got lost. I know you are thinking, she should reverse the gps, it sometimes can’t get a signal, and this was one of those times. Too many places with wifi, closed.

The rain started coming down very hard, and my little umbrella, was useless. I stopped and asked directions, and found we had overshot the turnoff. George has an incredible sense of direction, but in the rain, you can’t see the sun, therefore you have no idea if you’re going north or south or east or west. We turned and headed to the garage, it was a narrow street, and rain was pouring down from the roofs on both sides of the street. We stepped into a doorway, and waited for a while, it just kept coming down, so we continued. By the time we got to the car, my pants were wet up to my knees, of course my shoes and socks were soaked through also.

We made it out of town, although we are fairly sure that we violated a tlz at least twice, another ticket in Italy. I forgot to mention, we have a Renault station wagon, it’s the size of a Venza. It’s new, and has a warning system that goes off anytime you are near something. In Assisi, it was going off when we tried to drive through the gates, of our hotel. We thought it might blow up :). When we first got the car, it would beep at us every now and then. We couldn’t figure out the cause. I pulled out the manual. It was in French, that didn’t work. We were driving to Norcia, George said it’s going off more often. We were looking everywhere to figure out what was going on. Well, this car tells you the speed limit wherever you are, and each time you go above the limit it beeps.

When we drive the speed limit cars are flying by us, so we now hear the beep more often. I wonder if the cars on the road passing us are beeping too.

After Spoleto, we drove to Spello. It is a jewel, yes it was Sunday, so only tourist trap shops were open, selling trinkets, we walked up the hill, nothing is as steep as Assisi, but this one had a bit of a climb involved too. What was so amazing about the town, was that most of the houses had flowers in front, hanging from the walls, so beautiful. We saw lots of them in Assisi too. They don’t have yards, so they decorate their entries with lots of color. George took some pictures, so I will share when he uploads them.

Back to Bevagna, then to San Terinziano on Monday. This is really in the country. The place is an agriturismo, I think it is closed on Monday, because we got here and there was one person, who wasn’t quite ready, He showed us the room, then made the bed, it is a strange place. Bedroom and kitchenette, again a bit crowded, so we moved the furniture out. Had to bring it in, because it stared to rain. The owner, a woman brought us wine glasses, then asked if we would like to change rooms, we would have to wait until Tuesday, because the cleaning crew was off for the day.

So after our trip today, we moved into a two bedroom, two bath place. With a much smaller kitchen, the funny thing is, there is an extension cord from the one plug in the kitchen, living room area, strung across the room, and we had to plug the fridge in. We left our food in the other room, and when we retrieved it, even my vodka was frozen, I guess I turned it up to high. More about Deruta and Todi tomorrow. Waiting for my vodka to thaw, it's past 5:00 here.

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