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While our morning was pretty much quiet and normal, the afternoon was really busy.

That was a good thing because the weather was sort of nasty with steady light rain, some fog, and temperatures only in the mid-fifties for a high. This is not our favorite kind of weather.

Marilyn & I drove up to the gift shop to chat with Julie, Bill, and Vickie. Then we left for the drive to the doctor’s office in Palmyra.

We had gone only a short distance when my cell phone rang. Marilyn answered the phone and told me that our new business cards were finished and ready to pick up at the printing office.

We arrived at the doctor’s office at the appointed time and were soon sitting in a typical room where one of the nurses informed us that all was well with Marilyn’s tests. The doctor came in and spoke for a bit, prescribing a beta blocker medication for Marilyn.

It sure was good news for both Marilyn & me, and some of the stress has been lifted for sure.

So far, I am also ok, although some tests remain to be completed.

When we returned to Hannibal we stopped at Walmart to pick up a prescription and ran into several long-time friends from Monroe City. Gary, who frequently flew with me on the corporate jet, along with Betty, a very nice lady who was married to another friend who is now deceased, and Susy, who along with her husband Dennis, backpacked the Grand Canyon with Marilyn & I twice.

It was so nice to see all of these good friends at once.

As soon as Marilyn & I returned to the RV we noticed our daughter and grandkids driving up to visit. We had to take them to see Tom & Bernie’s new puppy, named Maggie. She is sure cute!!

Colby and Lauren really liked that little puppy!!

Once the family left for home, Marilyn & I heated up some lasagna and enjoyed a quiet dinner together.

Life is Good!

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