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Visible reminder to locals o f who is boss

1800 year old theatre - still used for a show, had the...

Artists impression

This as part of an 1800 year old map showing who owned...

Grape vines everywhere - just like in Bordeaux

I wanted a quiet day to help my recovery from a cold. Yes thanks for your concern. So we drove about 30 minutes north to Orange where there are the remains of a Roman theatre. A huge structure and some of the building still remains. This is surprising as the Romans must have been hated by the locals and their conquerors. There is a huge arc de triumph on the way in. It shows graphically in freeze Romans beating up the locals. Lots of stone was removed and reinvented in other buildings, and the whole structure was built upon for housing. Needles to say the antiquities department have done a great jobs restoring what they could. You get a feel for a theatrical production wandering around it. More driving to what is described as 'one of France's beautiful villages'. This one was Seguret. There are about 140 of them on a list. Quaint. Then off to find a supermarket for some dinner. Bother it's a holiday. SO left overs tonight. Just like home. Only one more day of predicted wind. Here's hoping.

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