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Mr Coyote looking for Mr Roadrunner

After one month gone on our 6 month gig, I have to say that we have had more campers this year than last and I think that maybe people just want to get away from their normal lives.


We start our week again in the morning and this time will work 9 days in a row as the other set of Park Attendants are attending a wedding in California. It will be a long 9 days and after we'll only have 5 days to recuperate but we can do it.


We have been discussing getting a newer Jeep and last week the passenger window stopped working and I started the search. I came across a Grand Cherokee in Santa Fe that had low mileage and was reasonably priced. We wanted another white Jeep but this one is Midnight Blue and I love the color but it will be hard to keep clean. Every little bit of dirt shows on a dark color and that's why we liked our white Jeep. Most of the time all I had to do was wash the windows and it looked good. This one is going to take a lot more effort I'm sure.


It's much more comfortable and quieter to drive than our Jeep Liberty. I'm sure Judy will want to keep on going longer now when we are in our travel mode going to Palm Springs and back. I'm comfortable with a 250 mile day but like I said I'm sure she'll want to keep on going.


It looks like we may be getting a good storm soon and I may go out and take down our screen room, just in case if we get any hail. I have a feeling that a hail storm would shred the fabric. See ya later.......

Happy Camping,

Bob, Judy and Our3littledogs

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