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I showered and dressed to lead tours of the cave, once we had finished off the coffee.

Marilyn was feeling ok but less than normal for her. Both of us were hoping that we would hear from the doctor today, with the results of Marilyn’s tests. That didn’t happen.

When I finished my tours and came out of the cave, Marilyn was waiting for me with a suggestion that we go to Palmyra where the grandkids were having fun with a school “Field Day”.

I told Marilyn that we should have some lunch before we did anything, so we accepted the invitation to eat with the rest of the cave staff. The owner of the cave has lunch catered on Friday, for the personnel working at the cave.

Meatloaf, Green Beans, and Mac & Cheese were on the menu today and it was all quite tasty.

Without even driving back to the RV we left the Cave complex and drove to the Middle School in Palmyra.

The kids were playing all sorts of games, like racing, sack races, tug of war, and other games.

We watched the kids and visited with a few parents and teachers that we knew and enjoyed the sunshine, as well as the activity.

Marilyn & I left for home as the kids fun activity began to wind down. We stopped to pick up a few groceries for some cooking I want to do tomorrow. As soon as we arrived back at the RV we put the groceries away and relaxed for a few minutes.

I decided to dump the holding tanks, which I try to do each Friday.

Jennifer had planned to come by but the threatening weather swayed her decision and she decided to wait until tomorrow to drop by.

Marilyn & I watched as a father and his 12 to 14 year old son set up a tent in a Site close to us. I glanced at the radar and noticed the approaching storms. Hopefully, the weather won’t be a problem for these folks.

Our friends, Tom & Bernie should arrive tomorrow and we look forward to seeing them again. We’ll spend time with them as well as friends, Bob & Janet.

Life is Good!

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