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Waiting for new shoes in Adelaide River

Here they are!

Great Pool at Adelaide River

Charlie the buffalo from Crocodile Dundee

dinner with Sharon & Mick from Bribie Island

Sunday May 8 to Monday May 9

Douglas Daly Resort to Adelaide River Inn


Thanks for the Happy Mother’s Day phone call Toni and the e-card Paula!

Well, this was an unscheduled stop! Happily chugging along at our usual 90klm per hour when we saw the Sunday Markets sign and did a hard right at Adelaide River Inn. As always when we stop, Den did his once around the rig (makes it sound big!), doing bloke stuff like kicking tyres etc. Whoops! Both van tyres were showing mesh – we had intended to replace them in Darwin whether they needed to be replaced or not, so we checked into the van park, had a delicious Mother’s Day lunch at the pub, two swims in the pool (bloody hot and humid day), and met a couple who had been posted with the bank to Walgett some 35 years ago (and only lasted 2 years because she got tired of drunken non-white Caucasians throwing up on her children in the pram as she walked to the “shops”) with whom we swapped fond tales of our indigenous cousins who so appreciate everything we do for them. The day ended with a heavy downpour which fortunately cleared the humidity.

Oh, back to the tyres – good thing the markets caught my eye (they were shit by the way!) as we were only about 30klms from where we blew a tyre on the van on our last trip up the Stuart Highway on our way to Darwin – and a double blow out would not have been pleasant! We’ll check out the local bloke in the morning and if he is too greedy will take the tyres off the van and drive the 90klms to the outskirts of Darwin and buy new ones there and have them fitted and balanced on the rims. Good thing we have time up our sleeves.


Off to the auto dealer and with very little hassle he could get the tyres in and have them ready for tomorrow morning – a total of $256 seemed a reasonable deal to us so we sat back and decided to enjoy the stopover.

Sitting in the pool during the day we met some folk from Dundee Beach – where Bob Lane now lives and where we intend to visit after our Bali trip. Of course they knew Bob! He had house sat for them on occasion and worked with one of the women – small world.

In the evening we had a drink with Mick & Sharon – from Bribie Island no less! – and then had dinner with them at the pub. The Barramundi was delicious.

Stats: A massive 120 klms to get here from Douglas Daly; still hot and muggy but many swims in a lovely pool helped!

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