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Inside the lobby of the Manship Theater

5 and 6 year old dancers.

Teen Dancers. Regardless of age group they were all fantastic

Teen Dancers. They all were singing with the music.

The Gal in the Black Is Macy. She sings the National Anthem...

The dancers make or purchase their own outfits.

This is Macy again. Great voice Great Talent

Not sure of the total number of Dances, but enjoyed them all.

The Gal Stage Left is singing the song as the others dance

Well we are in Baton Rouge, which is in the South, so...

The Guy in Black really belted out the song as the others...

The Audio in this theater was perfect. The sound filled the room

The seating in the theater provided a great view regardless of where...

We thought are seats were perfect on the balcony 3rd level.

Stage Lighting and Colors were great

All photos were taken from our seat.

These 19 photos are only a small sampling of all the dances

These guys were cute. Doing a musical skit of counting your sheep...

The Theater is located on 3rd avenue, which is also one of...

Carolyn and I were in Baton Rouge LA, to visit her Son and his family. Part of the reason for this trip were Birthday’s. Graduations and watch her Grandaughter Olivia perform at the famous Shaw Center for the Arts. Click HERE for official website of the Shaw Center

There are about 120 dancers that are in this program, and in tonights dance recital many of them appeared in several different dances. Click HERE for information on the Manship Theater.

The program lasted about 3.5 hours and it was well worth the time. Watching Gals and Guys dance and sing is and was a real treat.

In your travels, if you come across the opportunity to attend a show similar to this, it is definitely worth your time.

As with many live performances flash photography is prohibited. The main reason for this is the distraction to the talents. All the photos you see were taken with a Samsung S7 mobile phone.

Hope you enjoy this little preview.

Our next stop will be Forest Mississippi to visit friends, then on to Lancaster Ohio.

Thanks for riding along with us

Have a great week

Carolyn and Rick

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