2016 holiday travel blog

Waking up at midnight with splashes of water hitting my face, turning on the lights I heard the rain falling heavily on the roof of the bus and the water was dripping on the power point beside my bed and splashing on my face. I stuffed a towel in the corner of the window and thought we'll deal with it in the morning.

On awakening on Saturday the rain was still falling heavily, I said to mal we are not organised to do the Gibb as we have to pack the car yet and be out by 10am. I went to the office and booked another night in Derby By the time we had breakfast the rain had stopped. Mal checked where the leak was in the corner of the window cleaned it all up and use the sicaflex to stop the leak, now we're back in business.

We've packed the car, filled up the water containers ready for the Gibb, well drop the bus off in the morning and be on our way.

Still raining Sunday and found out the roads to the Gibb and the gorges were all closed due to flooding.Not to worry we'll take the bus on the bitumen and go around to Kunnunarra and enter that end of the Gibb River Rd

We drove as far as Ellendale rest area and pulled in for the night

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