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All our possessions are in these boxes and a suitcase, and our...

Nearby park was a popular destination.

Plucking up courage to come down the big slide!

Krysta dealing with her about-to-swarm bees.

Skyla trying on Nana's shoes.

Lots of books to choose from.

Enjoying a cruise around the lake in Ecora's boat. (The company that...

Still learning that crayons should be used on paper only!

Small jumping squirrel at the wallaby park.

Feeding a goat at the wallaby park.

Skyla entertaining Nana and Koro.

YMCA open day at a nearby park.

Tea party in the backyard with Nana.

Walking amongst the wild daisies.

Helping Koro with his Sudoku!

Off to the local library for sing-a-long time.

Krysta, Steve and Skyla met us at the airport in Vancouver and next day we picked up our boxes of "treasures" that we had shipped over from NZ and drove back to Kelowna.

We enjoyed a relaxing month in Kelowna being Nana and Koro. Nice to sleep in the same bed for more than a few nights and not have to live out of our backpacks! It was also pleasant to have to put ON clothes (long pants and sweaters) after the tropical humid heat for four months. Nice also to have WIFI that worked efficiently as we needed to spend quite a lot of time planning the next portion of our trip. ...and we have been enjoying some delicious Okanagan red wines.

It was spring time in Canada with new leaves unfurling on the trees and lots of spring flowers, especially tulips and lilac bushes. There were yellow wild flowers blooming under many of the trees in the parks. The apple and cherry orchards also were flowering. We picked a perfect time to be there - a sunny, warm spring and no rain at all until our last day!

Skyla is now 19 months old, beginning to talk and full of energy. Very special to hear a little voice say "Nana and Koko". We spent quite a bit of time in the backyard playing in the sandbox, drawing with chalk, picking dandelions. There is a also a playground just around the corner from where they live and we have checked out quite a few other playgrounds in Kelowna! With Skyka in her bike seat, we biked down to the local library where there was a weekly sing-a-long for toddlers. She is in daycare from Monday to Wednesday while Krysta works. We took a bus downtown one day and visited her there.

We went on some bike rides. Kelowna has many roads with marked bike lanes and a greenway running alongside a river. Here we almost ran over a small snake slithering across the path! Squirrels are out and about also. Different wildlife to remind us we are in another country.

We joined Krysta and Steve for their traditional Sunday night dinners at the Wispinskis, always so hospitable and accompanied by delicious food. Steve's sister Jody and two of her children are staying there also so Skyla had plenty of family to entertain and run around after her.

Krysta keeps a bee hive in her back yard and one day we noticed that they were congregating outside the hive in large numbers getting ready to swarm. She managed to sweep a large portion of them into a spare bee box and that night took them to Wispinskis to start a new hive. She also took frames full of honey out of the hive which will be spun to extract the honey. We have been enjoying her last year's honey on our toast for breakfast.

And last and definitely not least - we are expecting two new grand babies! Krysta and Steve are expecting No. 2 round the end of October and Chelsea and Raul expect theirs mid-November. Only two weeks apart - one in Canada, one in Sweden - you would have thought they could have planned that better! Of course we are delighted and have been able to adjust our rather fluid plans for the end of the year.

We now move on to Korea where we have arranged three different WOOFing farms interspersed with travelling.

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