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View Fromm our hotel roof top

Roof top at night

Our hotel

Church from the outside is spectacular too

Not so crowded

View of Zaragoza from the tower

Sun setting on the buildings


Buffet breakfast was a big mistake as I couldn't fit as much tapas in later as I wanted. (I walked the 6 flights to and from to make up for it) The usual confused conversation with a local at breakfast. She asks me how far is it to the moon and I tell her where the cutlery is. Works for me. The hotel we are staying in has a facade of opulence. Lots of chandeliers (plastic), huge fake paintings from the masters and furniture that is not real. Suits me at the price. We are on the sixth floor with a roof top we can look out over the city. Huge winds and lots of rain last night so we were surprised to find sunshine and no rain for the day.

Found our greeter (Niven, about 80 years old) outside the tourist office ok. She is a volunteer and showed us around for 2 hours. Language was a little problem but Chris is good at body language and inference (what's that?) so we got by. Lunch we for some ridiculous reason tried a set menu not tapas. Silly. Know next time. Off to the Goya Museum. This bloke must have been troubled. His pictures will surely give me nightmares. He was a chronicler of his times and his cartoons are hard hitting and violent. I am not sure if anyone took notice of his criticisms but there appears to be a lot going wrong at the time. Come to think of it some of his cartoons are appropriate for today. To quote him: the sleep of reason produces monsters

Had this idea we should look at the view from on top of a tower. Forgot I don't like heights but survived it ok. Ferocious wind but I still managed a picture or two. Back home before it rains (buckets) - phew.

No photos from inside churches or museums as they are not allowed. Saw great old tapestries. The inside of the French cathedrals was spectacular - but the Spanish churches nearly defy description. So much colour, intricate design and sculpture, double ornate and massive. Also so much time and money. To what end result I hear you and me ask. Hmmmm

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