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old RR bridge - built 1912

tidal pools

lots of things living in tiny puddles

iguanas - close to 3 feet long



Wednesday we took a day to decompress. We went separate ways to shop and explore. Bill and I went to look at a section of the old railroad bridge. The Key West railroad extension, finished in 1913, was the only overland access to the keys for a couple of decades. A road was in the process of being built when a hurricane hit the middle keys in 1935 and wiped out both the road construction and the railroad. Several hundred people were killed - many WW1 vets that were living in tent camps while building the road. The railroad was never rebuilt, but several sections of the bridge are still visible. The road that exists today is built on the old railroad bed. So Bill and I went to look at a nearby section of bridge and we found some really cool tidal pools. We also found a family of iguanas.....Very large iguanas! Made for a very interesting day. We all met up later at a local restaurant called the Square Grouper for some clams and oysters and other great bar treats.

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