Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

Just going round and round until finally a way out

a tapas bar, yum

Bits to make a boat out of

Where the bits come from in the tree

Boat on the way - took 6 months in the 16th century

Where they went with it for cod and whale

Parking a newer boat nearby

I tried a run before breakfast. It is so step here it was more of a plod. Dogs, cyclists, sheep, apple orchard. We are in the bush. I came across a sign showing a bike and what appeared to be a paraglider. Up close it was a helmet. Now this is strange as not many cyclists wear helmets here. Arid Gautama da? No? She did not understand me either. Down to Hondarribia and a wander around the old town. Again lots of history and again tapas for lunch. Love tapas. The pictures do not show the serviettes thrown on the ground. Why do this? Custom? Culture? Add that to the list of things I don't understand. If you say something you want understood in another language - faster, louder and with repetition I am sure there is linguistics theory that says the hearer will still not understand you. Not many people here subscribe to that theory. Luckily they speak English in the tourist office. He told us to go and see an old boat being built. Can we drive there? No you have to get a ferry. So off we go. Bother, missed that turn from the gps and ended up going round and round the old town's narrow one way streets. We got out of the maze but I am not sure how. We learnt all about a replica basque whaling ship (yes not pc now) being constructed. Old tools, old methods. FASCINATING. These were built in the 16th Centruy using a 200 year business plan. They had to use ropes to make the branches of the oak tress grow into the shape they wanted for their boat. Well that's what they tell the tourists anyway. Finally worked out which button on the gps to press to get us home. So much better than ending up in the wrong front yard (again).

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