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Bee hives in the closed bee museum

Selling stuff in the cloisters - just happen to be reading about...

One of the Biarritz beaches

Where we 'swam' in Biarritz

Walking back to the car the tide had come in ready to...


SLS Biarritz style

People keep asking me where I get my groovy clothes

I do enjoy staying in the one place for a few nights - we have 5 here. Home made cheese - from fresh sheep's milk this morning. I know you can get TB from unpasteurized cows milk but have not researched sheets milk for obvious reasons.

We drove to Bayonne but the Bee Museum was closed :(. Never mind maybe next year. On to Biarritz and another world. So many people. The decision was park out of town for free but have a long walk, or in town and pay but not have to walk far. You guessed it firsts option. This worked out well though as it was a fascinating place to walk thru. Marvelous lunch - grilled tuna and grilled salmon. Fruit for dinner! Then to the beach. We had our togs so gave it a go. We could not put our head in the water as you got an instant head ache, and then we were afraid it would fall off frozen. Swim was not the word. We got wet. There were some people swimming but they had caps and wet suits on. It was so hot on the beach some of the women took their tops off.Nice to walk back to the car and find it still there. I think 18 km that day.

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