Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

View from our lunch room

Evening view


Most of these sheep have bells around their necks so we here...

So used (not) to these roads, met someone coming at us, no...

Smooth run to the airport to pick up the car and then a couple of hours drive to San Sebastián - with a lot of help from our FRIEND the gps. Just one little problem - we cold not lock the car when we stopped for lunch. The bloke explained when we picked up the car that it had 2 circuits and one was not charged. Puzzled we worked out driving later on that the locking part of the circuit must be the one not charged. So now the car locks! Some confusion - I know you are not surprised, with navigating to our hotel. Must put the correct address in or you end up in the sticks. We did anyway but in the rights sticks in the end. We are overlooking Hodorribia from a small, quaint family hotel. Very quiet out here in the bush until...... 20 or so cyclists arrive with their support van. Who knows what for or where as we can't even work out if they are speaking French, Italian, Spanish or Basque! Christine has a good go and before you know it we have a cup of tea, wifi access, washing done and off to explore. I think I would still be driving around in the car if not for her.

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