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Yes alright I haven't got sun and shade worked out - overlooking...

W from our window in Hondarribia

Vineyard next to the airport

Dog collar for the sheep dogs

Yet another marvelous incredible church building

Part of basque history that is full of people killing each other...

Artistic picture, should be in a museum

Our hotel in Hondarribia is very comfortable. We do not normally stay in hotels as we like to cook our dinner or lunch and do our washing. Here we have the best of both worlds as breakfast is included and there is a communal kitchen and they do our washing. Translating as usual is a lot of fun and the owners here are keen to get a message across in French/Basque/Spanish. Yes that is right there is NO English. I have used google translate to some effect but as usual 'lost in translation' occurs. Some more guests arrived and as they had English (from Russia I think) I was asked to show them the ropes. We woke to roosters, sheep bells, lots of birds and dogs barking. Such fun. Off to San Sebastián for a wander. We had advice to park on the outskirts and catch a bus in. Free parking. Not that I was lost, but after doing a 3 point turn in front of some military establishment a kind policeman asked us (really in charades) where we wanted to go. Chris had the map and pointed, so on went their hazard lights and we followed him to parking. Yes he actually took us to a free spot in the parking area! We tried tapas which are like entree, but smaller and lots of different types. You walk along the bar pointing which one(s) you want. Easy to over eat. Here the drivers stop at zebra crossings............ or a discussion between pedestrian and driver ensues at a high volume with lots of arm waving. Chris and I still have discussion about where the center of the lane is, all about perspective I say. Home o fruit for dinner as we have had enough to tapas for 2 or 3 days.

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