South America 2016 travel blog

last morning in Quito



heading out










our bus


guard on duty LOL






can almost see Cotopaxi




the three amigos Me , Jarno, Terry





wild horses


off to the hiking trail




many flowers along the way




now the trail gets very steep









Cotopaxiin the distance












it is a rough trail to hike out










off on the bike ride









here comes Jarno

he is down


back on the road




end of the ride

wow what a ride LOL









last beer in Ecuador

This morning starts off with finishing packing my bags and a early morning check out, and a walk to to my meeting place to get on a bus to take me to Cotopaxi National Park. I have join a tour company for this day trip to the park and as I am flying out of Quito in the evening I left the group after our lunch stop and head to the airport instead of going back into Quito. Another great day were 12 people on the trip from many places of the world, with 2 of then from my trip through Colombia, Jarno and Terry. We leave Quito at 7:00 get through the heavy traffic and get to small restaurant near the park stop for a great breakfast on of the best in the trip, then off to the park. We were able to see part of the volcano but had a cloud cover so not a real great picture of the mountain. Cotapaxi is the second highest mountain in Ecuador and the highest active volcano in the world, we get a few pictures of the volcano, then it off on a hike up to a view point was quite a steep climb at elevation of 4000m I only went part way up as it was getting very dark looking like rain I headed back down the mountain letting the rest of the youngster go on to the top, they got rain and had some hail while hiking, LOL. Then some of the group jumped on mountain bikes to ride 26km down the mountain with the rest of us following along behind in the bus. We stop at the same restaurant for a great lunch then moved my bag to a private car which was waiting for me to head to the airport, during trip we had some very heavy rains got the airport a little early but that is much better then being late and missing the flight. I flew out of Quito with a change of planes in Lima and on to La Paz getting there in early morning hours at 03:30, a taxi to my hotel and bed, been a very long day, but one filled with adventure.

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