Nanaimo Bastion..

Loved the tulips..

More views from Nanaimo..

The cannons...




Last one!

We will be leaving Nanaimo in the morning, we will be staying at a campground near Campbell River for the next few weeks. The campground is in the boonies, right on the water where the ships pass by on their way to Alaska. We will only have a few channels on their cable TV, not sure about the Wi-Fi until we arrive and check it out. Our entertainment for the next few weeks will be the whales passing by and bears, cougars and other wildlife. I will try to take my computer to town and do a few updates during the stay if the Wi-Fi is too slow. We have enjoyed our stay in Nanaimo at the Living Forest Campground. This is one of our favorite campgrounds out of all our years of travel, we are sure to return.

I am adding a few pictures of the Nanaimo Bastion that didn’t make any other updates while in Nanaimo. The Bastion, also known as the Nanaimo Bastion, is a historic octagonal shaped bastion or fortification located at 98 Front Street in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. The Hudson's Bay Company, which then held a royal lease on all of what was then the Colony of Vancouver Island, built it between 1853 and 1855 to defend its coal mining operations in Nanaimo. Square logs were used for the walls of the three-story building whose third floor extends out over the lower floors. It has been called "Nanaimo's premier landmark", because of its shape and its "high visibility from both land and sea.” In 1891 and again in 1979 it was moved a short distance for historic preservation purposes. The Bastion is perhaps most famous for its exciting cannon firing ceremony every day at noon from International Museum.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, check back later for more adventures from Vancouver Island.

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