Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

Can't resist an apiculture opportunity

Cousin produces fog! Fun for young and old

had to see the bridge at night, then went to bed, just...

Yes, we were there

Can you see in the distance a man with a leaf blower...

We didn't get lost today! I must been northern hemisphere oriented, or maybe I listen to Chris. Off on the tram to town and an old city walk. 12 km later back home and weary. Interesting place, a mix of cultures and such history. We had arvo tea opposite a church celebrating 920 years in the business. We had a gallery visit too. Off to Spain tomorrow after picking up the car. No where near the fear and trepidation associated with driving that we had last year (Or am I deluded?). Nearly worked out which side of the road to look on when crossing! Chris even bluffed a bus driver into stopping for her at a zebra crossing. Such locals.

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