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It was bigger than it looks

No. I'm not photoshopped in.

1914 sealing tradegy

Had a great night's sleep at Island View. Pat, our host is an ex-teacher and a font of knowledge about the area. After telling her that we were on a search for icebergs she rang around her friends on the island to find out if there were any sightings. Finally, the news we were hoping for, about a three hour round trip drive in a different direction than we were heading but we felt we had to do it.

Close to Bonavista we found it. It wasn't disappointing, although the photos from my ipad are. Now we can relax.

Where we were looking at the iceberg we found a memorial to hundreds who died in a sealing tragedy and were intrigued. John our new host explained later. If you are interested have a look here

Back on the road to Twillingate.

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