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Sarah in her new leather boots and Anna in her new coat



Well, I can't write for long today, and there's not much to say, anyway, but I just had to say:


Now that that's taken care of- I finally managed to figure out how to post everyone's messages to me in my guestbook, so you guys can read what everyone else writes about it if you want to.

We made an extra large batch of fresh pesto today so that we can eat it on EVERYTHING. School is good, but I have so much art to do!!! Sarah told her Mom that and she said, "I wish I could complain about drawing in Florence." So I guess I'll shut up now.

Okay, we were all just doing our homework, and Velario brought us ANOTHER one of those friut gelato dessert things. But this time we got lemon, peach, strawberry and prickly pear. And, I remambered to take a picture of it before we destroyed it!!

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