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We were hooked up and ready to go when we pulled out of the Coachlight RV Park in Carthage, MO at 7:30 this morning.

We made one stop to top off the fuel in Lebanon, MO, and arrived at Mark Twain Campground in Hannibal at 1:05 pm.

It sure felt good to be at home in Hannibal for the next five weeks.

We were almost completely set up when Jennifer arrived with the two grandkids waving out the window.

I finished connecting the water hoses, and then became busy playing football, followed by baseball, followed by basketball.

I told Colby that it was obvious to me that he had been practicing.

It began to rain so Marilyn, Colby, Jennifer and Lauren played Texas Bingo and Aggravation.

Our son-in-law, Steve had agreed to meet us at the Golden Corral for dinner so we drove there, arriving just ahead of Steve.

We had a good meal and a good visit, and it was hard to say good night to the family. Lauren wanted to come home with us and we hated to leave her crying but she has school tomorrow.

It was nearly 7:00 PM by the time we arrived back at the RV.

It sure will be good to sleep in tomorrow morning. We’ll see the kids and grandkids late tomorrow because Colby has Baseball practice. Wednesday we will pick up the grandkids and bring them here as they get out of school early. Friday, Colby’s class will visit the Cave on their class trip, and I promised Colby that I would be the guide for their tour.

We suspect that we’ll have the kids overnight on Friday or Saturday night.

It sure is nice to be in Hannibal.

Life is Good!

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