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The Basilique Ste. Marie Madeleine or the basilica of Mary Magdalene, for...

The basilica was so beautiful and....

supposedly had the skull of Mary Magdalene in it.

Lyon is a beautiful city with one section on the Rhone River...

Some on the Rhine River.

Check out this photo where the old buildings are reflected in the...

The apartments in the old town section were very nice and....

Different too.

Passage ways connect the streets through the apartment lobbys and...

Faces of the old tenants are on the buildings to help people...

The city is definitely in bloom for spring.

The plaza is busy.... and there's even a McDonalds.

The homes look so beautiful on the Rhine River.

Puppet shows are common in the old town plaza.

There are murals on buildings honoring famous people from Lyon.

We loved the way they honor their citizens.

After our tour it was time for dinner starting with an appetizer...

Salad or...

French Onion Soup...then

Veal which was Jay's choice or ....

Chicken, which was my choice.

Then the best for last....chocolate cake or

A very interesting caramel meringue.

Goodbye Lyon. You are a beautiful city on the rivers.

On our way to the city of Lyon, we stopped in a very sleepy provincial village called St. Maximin la Sainte Baume. For such a small village, this was quite a big name.

The main item to view is the basilica built in the late 13th century. It is said to be the lost burial site of Mary Magdalene and they even claim to have her skull in the basilica. Interesting but strange.

The basilica was beautiful, especially the organ. Definitely interesting.

On the way to Lyon, we saw vineyards, lavender fields, canola fields and small towns. It was a beautiful drive. When we arrived we found a fairly large port on the Rhone River and a very modern city on one side of the river and the older city on the other side. River boat cruises stop here, so there were boats in the dock, but they couldn’t leave as the water level was too high….they couldn’t get under the bridges. Hmmm… interesting.

We took a tour of the old town, where the faces of old residents were on the front of buildings to guide people to their homes. Because so many people could not read, this was the way addresses were identified.

And then there were passage ways running through apartment buildings that lead to the next street. A very interesting city, for sure.

After seeing the sights of the city, we had a wonderful dinner in a local restaurant.

This is Jay’s favorite city, although Paris and Nice are tied for my favorites.

Tomorrow, we keep heading north toward Paris with a stop in the town of Beaune on the way.

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