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As we drove from St Tropez to Monaco, the views of the...

We could see why this is called the country on the rock.

Private yachts and cruise ships are in the harbor.

We passed Princess Carolyn's house on the way into town.

We were in a new country but didn't need to show our...

Our first view of the castle.

It was a combination of old and new.

One of the Grimaldis posed as a monk to get in the...

Stands for the Grand Prix were being set up in town.

We found Swiss ice cream in town. Yummy!

Guards are at the castle. Interesting uniforms.

Inside the cathedral where Princess Grace was married.

Princess Grace's grave inside the cathedral.

The entrance to the beatiful gardens on our walk back to the...

Beautiful fountains and...

Beautiful gardens.

The tulips were all in bloom and...

Jay found a bird in the gardens. Fun day!

We stopped at the border to Monaco and expected we would have to show our passports. But that didn’t happen. David told us that we can cross borders with all the European nation countries and even though Monaco is not part of this union, passports are not needed. He reassured us that there are over 500 cameras on this “Country on the Rock” and they very much know who comes and goes here.

On our way to the parking lot, we passed Princesses Carolyn and Stephanie’s homes. Beautiful and huge to say the least.

David took us past the cathedral where Princess Grace was married and then buried after her tragic car accident. Then we were in the center of town where the castle is located. Guards were at the front but it was really a very plain building of stone with an older turret on the one end. The views of the water were beautiful. And we got to look down on the huge yachts in the bay.

We walked around town on our own and had some Swiss ice cream which was fabulous. The shops were cute on these narrow streets and we headed back to go in the cathedral. Afterwards we walked through the gardens which led us back toward the bus.

The Monte Carlo casino was quite a distance away, so we didn’t get to see it except at a distance. However, we did see them setting up the bleachers for the Grand Prix.

An interesting little country on the rock.

Now on to Nice for a couple nights.

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