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View to the rear of bus...JAMMED

View to the rear of bus...JAMMED

View forward, before JAMMED!

View forward AFTER jammed, ha!

The road

Some jams, lots of traffic

Some wierd happenings along the way...remember, this is mostly single lane!! Ha!

So how does THIS work? Slowly, slowly...

Clear view past Positino

Great scenery

Great scenery

The coast is filled with houses hanging from the cliffs!

Terraced gardens were everywhere, grapes, lemons, other fruit plus

Amalfi from the boat pier

Amalfi Cathedral in central piazza

View of Amalfi from bus leaving onward up the coast...

"Raking" one of the few sand beaches along the coast

Crazy cyclists!

One of the few actual ports along the coast...on way to Salerno

Reminders of a past long gone...we see them all along the coast

More incredible terraces...probably once planted all in grapes or?

A view of Salerno in the distance

Poor fellow has his fruit stand in the road...I wonder how many...

I think they cover all the fruit trees to protect them from...

The SITA bus to the Amalfi coast was right across the street from the station but by the time we got to it we would have been standing the whole way, it was JAMMED! So Bon smartly said we should wait for the next one. We were first in line for the next one which left at ll:15, and allowed Bonnie to go and buy fruit and yogurt at a nearby market...great! Plus, we were in the very front seats which would have been great if they hadn't jammed this bus too and there were 3 people standing in front of us blocking our view out the front, ha! So much for planning.

Luckily, a lot of the people got off the bus in Politano, so for the best part of the ride to Amalfi we had a great view forward as well as to the side. The traffic was just way over the top, however, so the ride was slow. These drivers must have nerves of steel with really just single lane much of the way. Several times we had to stop to allow traffic to pass and once it jammed up so bad at a tunnel that the bus had to BACK UP, get cars behind to go by and cars in front to pass before we could proceed. Somewhat hairy given we were peering over a low cement wall 2' high at a 2-300' drop into the ocean, ha! I think Bon had some visions of India and our near 'over the edge' bus encounter!

When we arrived in Amalfi, we got off for a bit of a walk about and I a sandwich (panino) before we got the bus onward to Salerno. Ticket for the whole bus ride was just 8 euro which I think was well worth it once the standing passengers cleared out, ha! Bon said that 40 years ago when she was here the bus was just a local 'chicken' bus and very little in the way of tourist car traffic. What a huge change!

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