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At the Monteriggioni castle

View from the wall

Walking on the wall

On the wall

il Centro Plaza in Siena

The enormous and interesting plaza

Gelato in Siena

The duomo

Another view

The interior

A portion of the ceiling

The alter

Reading about the duomo

So much to enjoy!

S.G. Vista at twilight

Beautiful Tuscany!

We have spent a very lovely day exploring just a small part of Tuscany. We first went to see the Castle of Monterriggioni, built in the 13th century, and the original town walls that we walked upon date from that time. And of course, the scenery as seen from the top of the walls was a beautiful sight.

Then we drove on to Siena, where the Old Town is pedestrian only. So we found a parking garage, had lunch in a nearby restaurant, and took a bus to the hilltop where Il Campo, the main square is located. The square and its buildings are the color of the soil, a color we know as "burnt sienna." The City Hall and its tower dominate the huge square. The pictures will show this amazing area.

Siena's duomo is one of the most beautiful cathedrals we have ever seen. It is the centerpiece of Siena's 13th-century structures. The facade is simply awe inspiring, as is the interior of the cathedral. We are amazed at such beautiful work was done so long ago. Pictures will, again, show the beauty of this building.

So then it was time to go. But where was the car? Neither of us remembered the name of the parking garage, one of many in this city of 60,000. But Jim had taken some pictures of the name and some of the surrounding landmarks with his phone to make it easy to locate. But wait--the phone was now dead from all the pictures taken! We finally took a bus, any bus, and rode to the end of the line and back looking for something we recognized. No luck. So we took another bus and rode around--and finally there it was. All it cost us was 3 euros for the bus, some lost time, and a bit of anxiety, but we had a tour of parts of Siena that we would not have seen.

(Later Jim realized the name of the parking area was on the parking ticket he had been carrying all along! Shhh--don't tell him that I told.)

Tomorrow will bring another adventure.

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