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Today we have a very relaxing morning before we fly back to Dubai. Al needs to return the rental car by 8:30 am and I hope to exchange a Mauritius beach towel because the logo on coming off. No such luck as the shops don't open till ten am. By the time the shops were open I was too lazy to walk back and try the exchange. I decided to swim in the pool to get some exercise and then dry off at the beach where there is a nice breeze. Las few hours at the beach seemed way more attractive than exchanging a towel.

Roshan, our taxi driver and host for the apartment picked us up on time again. He is very reliable and kept in touch about all our issues. I did not like his apartment but the location in Flic en Flac was good and so was he. The apartment called the Brabant Water Villa is at best a 2 star facility and where he moved us was better but still a two star because they didn't supply enough towels, the kettle didn't work, the pots and pans were gross, no kitchen drying towels, or wash cloths, Al spotted a mouse in the house, a huge spider was on the wall in the dining room, Lee found a cockroach in his shower, and the minimal air con was just in the bedrooms. The kitchen sink had no sink stoppers to hold water and the tap leaked hence the reason the space behind the sink was rotted out. I would not return to this accommodation.

Arriving at the airport about two hour before departure ensured we had some time to relax, browse the duty free and have a coffee at the airport. Because Mauritius is known for their variety of rum flavours Lee and I bought a couple bottles of vanilla rum and a small bottle of strawberry rum to take back to Dubai.

The flight was good once again as Emirates has roomy seats and greater service. The three of us found out we had the very, very back three seats in the jumbo jet. Lee, Al and I were assigned row 88. We were not very excited to find that out because often the last row doesn't have reclining seats. To our delight the seats were wonderful. There was plenty of space to stand behind the seats as well as the seats reclining. Not long into the flight though, a family with one child and one baby asked if we would be willing to change seats with them as they were w

Seated separate in the aircraft. How can you say no to a baby! Al and I sat about 5 rows apart and Lee, manages to get the upstairs first class seat. How does he manage to luck out like that? I never get moved to first class. Any how, more importantLy the family is together.

Later we hear the story. Lee phones me from his first class seat upstairs. The phone in front of me seems to be ringing. I have no idea how to answer it so it continues to ring for a while until I finally figure it out. Lee tells us that the husband is a pilot of Emirates and he and his family decided to fly stand by. With the flight being very full he and his family ended up split up. He gets first class because he is a pilot. So because he flies stand by he ends up putting others, who have booked well ahead, out because he needs to be with his family. Lee, Al, and I did not really want to be split up but. . . we thought we'd be good sports.

Landing in Dubai just after ten pm made it a long day. Al thought renting a car to get back to Dubai would be cheaper than a taxi. Although I believe he is right, I thought he'd be tired enough to make a taxi trip the best choice.

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