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I was awake earlier today. It was pouring rain early this am. The boys were still sleeping so I quietly checked emails and read my book. The rain stopped by the time the were up but the clouds still threatened on and off all day. It was a perfect day to spend at the beach s the temperatures were warm. We could see the dark rain clouds to the south of us best in Flic en Flac we only got a wee shower at around 5 pm. The sunset was beautiful so more photos were taken. With the ocean being very rough today we didn't spend much time in the water. I tried to swim parallel to the beach and hardly made any headway. The current was against me, pushing me back.

This island is surrounded by a reef so the waves way out on the reef were creating huge sprays of water when they hit. Some of the sunset photos show it a bit.

One of the recommended restaurants, by both the locals and the Lonely Planet, is Domaine Anna. We had to dress up a bit and drive just out of town to get there. Wow! Fancy and upscale for sure. The service was impeccable and the food delicious. For the upscale atmosphere the prices were reasonable. Lee and I decided to try the flavoured rums. I had the strawberry rum a Lee tried the Hibiscus rum. It was suggested we pair the rum with 7 up and because I wanted the full taste of the flavoured rum I ordered the seven up on the side.

My rum was served in a long slender glass. The aroma of the strawberry rum was amazing as I tipped the glass. By the time I tasted the rum, my sense of smell has already been pleased so the sense of taste became enhanced as well. The first many sips were strawberry rum on ice and the last few sips were mixed with Seven Up. Lee did not find his Hibiscus rum that inspiring. What is hibiscus supposed to taste like? As far as I know, the hibiscus flower doesn't have an aroma at all. After tasting these rums we realized a visit to one of the local rummeries would have probably been a good worthwhile experience.

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