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It isn’t unusual for me to awaken early in the morning. I have done that pretty much all of my working life and continue to get up early, although these days it is only when I decide that I want to do that.

This morning it was 4:30 and I went to the living room to turn on the computer. I wondered if my Editor Friend, Mike had completed editing Chapter Eighteen of my book. Sure enough it was waiting for me in the In-Box. I read it over and then mailed off Chapter Nineteen for his amusement. LOL

Marilyn joined me around 6:30 and we shared a pot of fresh brewed coffee together. We talked quietly about how much we hate to leave here. We know we would not be happy here during those hot, hot, hot and steamy months of summer, but we do look forward to our return in October.

Around 8:00 both of us got busy. Marilyn started a load of laundry and then left for a walk.

I took care of the trash, changed the fridge in the RV over to run off the Invertor, checked the RV Batteries, and put the hose reel away in the storage shed.

Once Marilyn was finished doing laundry and we had our showers taken, I dumped the holding tanks and stowed the sewer hose for travel in the bed of the truck. Then it was time for a shower and we were off to Mass.

Tomorrow morning all we have to do is water and electric items, hook up and start rolling down the road.

Family and Friends are waiting for us in Missouri and we are anxious to see them too. RV friends, Tom & Bernie will be dropping by to visit us in the middle of May, and other friends, Mike & Marian and Chuck & Coletta will be visiting us in September. Bob & Janet and Steve & Cathy are already in the area and we’ll be getting together for some fun before most of us leave for the summer.

Life is Good!

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