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Valladolid - Convento

Convento Exterior

Convento Interior

Convento - Well structure

Convento - Courtyard


Ek Balam - Pyramid

Ek Balam - Ziggurat


Valladolid is on the list for future inclusion as a World Heritage Site. It's a relatively small town that retains a significant number of Colonial era buildings. A good place to wander around with good restaurants near the central plaza and Cathedral. Our hotel, Casa Hipil, is another winner. And the morning breakfast on the roof, overlooking the town, is very pleasant. I fear I might become addicted to this upscale living.

On the edge of town is the Iglesia de San Bernardino de Siena and the adjoining Ex-Convento de Sisal. These date from the mid 1500's and are quite impressive. I suspect the Mayan laborers who built these huge structures had their reservations.

Ek Balam

The ruins of Ek Balam are a short distance North of Valldolid. They are only recently excavated and still retain some of the experience early explorers must have felt when they stumbled across overgrown mounds in the remote jungle.

The main pyramid near the entrance is quite large and well restored. But, as you walk around it the other three sides have been left as they were found. I like the variety of restoration that the Mayan sites represent - the range from completely untouched to fully restored (almost; the original plaster coating and painting hasn't been done at any site).

Seems to me a good approach.

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