It's this tourist card that piqued our curiosity

Going thru town we see some tantalizing leads to Ty's town

The museum is in a professional building, Why?

The sign out front is a give away... We found the spot

We go in, should be interesting

In the lobby of the medical professional building has this

A pic of his birth house, he was born in a different...

The short story of Tyrus R. Cobb

His beautiful mother

Young Ty and his siblings

Ty, front row left, with team mates of school team.

At his peak, Ty Cobb

Really his uniform, not a reproduction

Personal items of his

He's buried in the town cemetery.

One day at the RV park, Dave found a tourist card that promoted the Ty Cobb Museum in a small town in Georgia. As it turns out the town, Royston was less than 20 miles from us. Royston turns out to be Ty Cobb's hometown, NOT his birth town. Born Tyrus Raymond Cobb December 18, 1886 to July 17, 1961, known in baseball as the "Georgia Peach". He lived here from the time he was four and graduated high school. He played baseball for the local high school and wanted to go on to a pro team. Ty's father, William H. Cobb and mother, Amanda C. Cobb wanted more for young Tyrus Raymond Cobb and attempted to get him to go to college. On the sly he accepted a $50 contract with a team in Augusta, GA. Shortly he was noticed by the Detroit Tigers, where he played for 21 years. He was the FIRST player inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and some of his records have not been beaten yet!

As the first baseball player to earn more than a million dollars, he used much of the money helping other players who needed help. He built a huge fortune from his early investments with Coca Cola and General Motors. Today, his foundations have local hospitals, whereas, the education fund has helped more than 10,000 students. The professional building in which the museum resides is on land his family owned, the original home was demolished after it burned. His life was not only an example of strength and success it was also a life of sadness. I say that, after finding out that at the age of 18 while playing for the Augusta team, Ty's mother accidently shot and killed her husband, William. A few years later, two of Ty's boys died with separate health issues, one from a heart attack the other from a brain tumor. And thus, the hospitals some specializing in childhood diseases.

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