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March 31,2016

It is getting hot in Delhi.

We went out for dinner with Peter and Margo the other night. They are kiwis who have three handicraft stores in New Zealand. They buy half of their goods from India and half from Thailand. I have known them for about five years. We met in Karol Bagh. They are renting a flat in CP. Very nice place. They found it on airbnb. Super awesome people!!!!

Cara is at Golds Gym. I hope she likes it. We should square up with the hotel today.

I am getting tired of Delhi already. There is nothing for me here other than treatment.

It will be a long while before I return to India. I have had my fill.

I am at Spice Bar. Eating meat and having a beer. I hope Cara comes by, I just realized I have no money.

There is an Indian tourist in here that must weigh 300 lbs. He is clearly the heaviest person I have ever seen in India. How does he deal with the heat? What does his ass smell like after a day of walking?

Well now I have two full sleeves. I had Haunaman Ji put on my left forearm the other day. The bruising was fierce. I bruise very easy now. He did a good job but needs to finish him. I am going to wait for a few weeks. He has to heal. The tattoo walla told me to come back the next day but in my experience this is not possible. Vishnu took six weeks due to this.

I have to lay down.

Cara arrived! She went to Golds and I guess it went OK.

The guys snaking the drains did a shitty job. Literally. The street in front of Spice Bar still has a big puddle of shit water in front of it.

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