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March 25, 2016

5.30am. Just out for a morning walk Cara is sleeping in.

We didn’t celebrate Holi yesterday. Manish was hoping we would hang out him and his friends. I wasn’t feeling so shit hot. Everything was closed. I am at the same chai walla as usual in Guru Nanak market. Oh fuck me does he ever have good chai this morning.

What to do today? As usual nothing. I am tired. I didn’t get to bed until 11 or 12.

I should visit Girish today.

It’s starting to get hot. It will be 37 today. Time to run to the hills.

I returned to the hotel after the chai. I was just too tired.

I got up at 9.30, hung out with Manish for a half hour then walked down to Subash’s Pharmacy to inquire about the Temolozide. Subash wasn’t there only his brother. He has it on the shelf!! I am sure he would sell me anything I wanted as long as it wasn’t a narcotic. I have to give my name for this shit and they have to make a monthly report to the government. As chaotic as India seems to the outsider there is an order to it all.

We are at the Bohime again.

It’s about 2:00. We just ordered a vegi peri peri pizza.

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